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    Tour Description

    Private Tours Corfu has created this unique tour, which will become an unforgettable experience during your visit to Corfu island, a visit to the wonderful world beneath the Ionian and Atlantic Sea by the special constructed boat of Kalypso Star.

    Kalypso Star

    This 18m length and 5.5m width special constructed undersea boat it will comfortably travel you to the fascinating and intricate world beneath the sea, giving you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the endless variety of fish and plants, to discover submerged statues and enjoy a fabulous sound light show with classical music and divers.

    With its large windows the Kalypso Star gives everybody no matter the age or the physical ability, the opportunity to dive into the fascinating sea world.

    During your under sea boat trip you will also enjoy a unique show performed by the trainers and Sea Lions. You will be amazed watching them swimming, diving, jumping and playing around together. On the way back you can enjoy the unique scenery of the Old Corfu Town with its two fortresses as it appears from the sea.

    Corfu Shopping

    As soon as you arrive to the main Port of Corfu Island our buses will take you to the centre of Old Corfu Town where you can go shopping in this beautiful Venetian style streets of Corfu, walk around the narrow streets of the city or even enjoy a coffee at the famous Liston. Upon your request your driver will come and pick you up again to take you back to your hotel.

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    Places: Old Corfu Town, Liston

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    What to bring on tour: Photo Camera & Sunglasses

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