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Arillas, a quiet and safe resort for all types of tourists, is situates at the North-Western part of Corfu island. It is an ideal place for families as children  can play with the golden sand or swim in its cristal shallow waters, for couples and people who are looking forward to escaping from anxiety and noise of the big cities, and also to enjoy discovering the Corfiot nature, walking through paths leading to the small villages around.

The area of Arillas, without being commercialized yet, keeps its genuine character, with a variety of small local-family-run tavernas and shops. Arillas beach, with a plethora of water-sport options, being in between to Saint George and Saint Stefanos bays, has an advantageous position as its visitors can easily access to those other sandy beaches easily. The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful well-known sunsets, the magnificent scenery, and the Corfiot colors leave the visitors unforgettable pictures and make them come back every year. There are things you should know about Greek food and the local habits.

When Greeks go out, they have lunch at about 1.00 pm and dinner no earlier than 9.00 pm. The restaurants patronized by local people are probable deserted before 9.00 pm and it´s not unusual to arrive there at 11.00, especially in the summer. If you like to eat earlier, the tavernas are open from about 6.00 pm. The Greek law, forces every eating establishment to have the name written at least in Greek letters however many of them insist in keeping their names in English in order to attract more customers.

Authentic Greek Tavernas do not have fixed menus. The Greeks construct their meal from what is on offer that day and you will see a table full of 6-8 plates from which everyone helps themselves. Greek population does eat chips only if they are fresh and cut by hand. Using the fingers instead of forks and knives is very common, specially when eating lamb, chicken or fish, because otherwise you would miss the most sensual part of the experience. Bread is used to push the food on the fork and to soak the liquid that remains from the food.

Greeks would also consume wine, beer, water and refreshments. For Corfiots, paying a bill (always cash) has a lot to do with offering hospitality and there is often an argument about who will have the privilege of paying. About the famous Corfu Beer, the microbrewery was established en 2009 in the North West of Corfu island. It is very modern and equipped with the latest technology and produces 1.000 liters of two kinds of Ale Beer and one Pilsner in each brew. The “Real Ale Special” enjoys a very subtle hint of hops with a lively character. The “Real Ale Bitter” is spicier and stronger, has almost no aroma and a nice balance of hops bouquet with nice malt flavour. The “Royal Ionian Pilsner” is a blond lager type with mild bitterness.