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Acharavi is a settlement in the northern coast of  Corfu, Greece, currently one of the ten official sections of the municipal unit of Thinali,  from where we can have a view of the Albanian coast. It was an ancient Geek city, originally called Hebe, possibly named after the daughter of Zeus, Hebe. The village is located at 39°47’21.4″ N, 19°48’50.7″E. It was destroyed in 32 BC by Octavian, the Roman Emperor  and rebuilt alter World War II and the Greek Civil War. It was renamed from the city of life “Hebe” into  “Ungracious Life” Acharavi.

It is one of the top resorts on the North of Corfu  particularly suited to couples and familias, which offers them a long and sandy beach. The scenery on the 40-kilometer-from –the-airport journey is stunning as you pass through the mountains and Greek villages. The resort has a main road and about 8 other roads all leading to the  beach. The water is shallow for about 50 metres into the sea this is why this beach is particularly appropriate for families.

There are bars, restaurants, gift shops, supermarkets, hardware stores, flower shops and tavernas all along the main road and beach-front area. This shops are located either side of the main road which runs through Acharavi. Little streets run off this road down to the beach, where you will find many of the beach Tavernas and bars to let you sit and watch the sunset while enjoying a lovely meal and a glass of chilled Boutari.

Acharavi offers lively cocktail bars showing the latest films and sporting events, or quieter bars on the beach where to get an aperitif  befote going to have dinner. Local people visit Acharavi on a regular basis as there is a post office, banks, a dentist and doctors and all the facilities found in a modern town.

The popularity of Acharavi with many people returning to the resort for years and years or relocating there, have turned it from a small village to the town that it is today. In the centre of Acharavi, there is a roundabout called “The Pump” because this is where the village pump used to be and where the Pumphouse restaurant is today. There is a road which leads from the roundabout into the old village. It is worth visiting it as there are more bars and restaurants and the most traditional buildings.