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A fascinating place for visitors

Aggelokastro or “Aggelos’s castle” is one of the most important Byzantine castles of Greece. It is located on the island of Corfu at the top of the highest peak of the island’s shoreline in the northwest coast near Paleokastritsa. Angelokastro is one of the most fascinating places that visitors of Corfu should visit. Angelokastro was constructed in the 13th century with a church inside in   honor of the archangels Gabriel and Michael built in a cave.

Aggelokastro was besieged but was only conquered once (1386) after a six-month siege by the Venetians. It was also besieged by Barbarossa (1537) but without success. According to the local tradition, the inhabitants and the few guards (8 men) , resisted so successfully that the Turks decided to retreat and leave Corfu. The Turks didn’t succeed in conquering it in 1571 either. Inside the castle two huge water tanks are preserved and the churches of Taxiarches and Agia Kyriaki . The church of Taxiarches was built in 1784 at the position of the other, older church . Agia Kyriaki is built in a small cave and it has frescoes of the 18th century.

View from Aggelokastro

The view from Aggelokastro hill is magnificent and the sunset into the Adriatic sea is breathtaking and unforgettable. Transfer Corfu is organizing tours to Aggelokastro in combination to other beautiful places close to this destination all year around for cruise or any other kind of travelers arriving on Corfu island.