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Chalikounas Beach, also spelt  Halikounas Beach sometimes, is a hidden treasure, away from the main tourist beaches. It is a protected site as it is a habitat for several rare spiecies of birds.

The wide sandy beach stretches along Lake Korission dividing the lake and the open sea. Chalikounas  Lake, also called  Korission Lake, is a lagoon on the south-west side of  Corfu in a very different setting from any other you will find on Corfu island.

Chalikounas beach is very safe, very clean and there are no sea urchins. Unlike most tourist beaches, Chalikounas Beach still retains it natural beauty and it is rarely crowded, making it ideal for a quiet beach holiday. Due to its status as a protected area any facility is prohibited but there are a couple of ”kantines” or kiosks at either end of the beach for soft drinks. There is a simple taverna, noted for its fish, on the approach to the lagoon. There are also a few  sunbeds for rent  in front of the wooden kiosks (operating also as beach bars) which you will probably need as the sun can get fierce here.

Chalikounas beach is only accessible by car. Local buses from Corfu town stop several kilometres away from the beach and any taxi transfer will cost a fortune.

The most common way of getting there is by car and we don’t reccommend motorbike if you are not a very experienced driver because the last couple of kilometres to the beach are untarmacked, and full of rocks and sand. To find Chalikounas you have to follow the main road from Corfu Town to Moraitika. In Moraitika stay on the main road which is bending towards the right. After about a mile the road will sharply bend to the left. After the bend you have to look out for signs for Pelekas and Agios Mattheos.

Turn into this road and follow it until you see the signs for Gardiki and Chalikounas Beach on your left. You then will reach an info board. Turn left and follow the signs for Chalikounas Beach and Lake Korission. Chalikounas Beach is for those who are looking for a quiet beach away from the crowded resort beaches. Those who want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday will fall for it.

This beach is also  a surfer’s paradise, either for wind surfing or kite surfing, due to the winds on the west coast of Corfu. Interestingly, there are various access points for wheelchairs in strategic points of the beach.