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One of Corfu’s great natural wonders, Canal D’ Amour (Channel of Love) is a mixture of beaches, cliffs, caves and crystal water, which can be found at Sidari Corfu. Sidari, one of the most popular resorts of Corfu, is situated at the north end of the island, around 30 kilometres from Corfu town.

The village is surrounded by a charming landscape full of lush green forests. To the left from the main beach of the resort you will find the Canal D’ Amour, an opening in the rock in the sea, a tunnel.

The tradition says that whoever swims through that passage will find the love of their life on the other side. Canal D´Amour is a beautiful place to spend the day, where the beach is covered by small bays and coves. The water and the wind have carved the rock creating impressive holes.

The rocks run in different shades of yellow and lots of greenery at the top. One can reach these stunning coves through several paths and steps. Several rock formations, scattered here and there in the clear blue Ionian Sea, separated by the water, form a wonderful environment.

Canal D´Amour is visited by thousands of people each year and enjoyed by even more, often too  busy to really enjoy it peacefully. To find a sandy spot you should go there before 10:00 am. With beautiful crystalline waters, it is the ideal place for snorkeling, but not recommended when it´s windy.

There are few local legends connected to these rocks. One is them is that every couple who swim in the Canal of Love, will always stay together until the end of their days. Unfortunately, the legend does not mention if they always stay happily together. So if there are always tiffs and wrangles and sometimes you fed up with the strife and thinking of moving on then maybe it is not such a good idea to go for a swim together in the Canal.

If the Canal is in the shade, it is important  to dive immediately into the water and swim through the canal,  because whoever is in the waters of Canal d’Amour at that moment, will always be lucky in love.

Now who does not want that? Obviously then, when the canal is in shade you will see hoards of people jumping into the shadowy waters of Canal d’Amour, looking for a little bit of love and affection.


Be it trae or not, you can witness the fact by seeing the masses of attractive young ladies jumping into the Canal, all with a special look in their eyes.